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Upcoming Events

Walk/Bike to School Day

Support this National effort and walk or bike with your kids to school! Wed, October 10th

Safer Streets for Kirkwood Booth

Come help us collect signatures at the Pumpkin Patch!

Saturday, October 13th 9am-Noon

(In front of Strange Donuts in grass median)

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Email City Hall


City of Kirkwood; 

City Clerk, Laurie Asche (Phone: 314-822-5802) 


In your email heading ask Laurie to distribute your email to city council members and Russ Hawes 

Tell the City that Kirkwood needs a Complete Streets ordinance, not just a policy, that must include the 10 elements below. 

Email the City Clerk

Call City Council Members


Call a council member to ask for our 10 point ordinance.

(Call city council members all 314 area code)

Tim Griffin (Mayor): 822-5804

Nancy Luetzow: 965-1470

Maggie Duwe: 287-0023

Ellen Edman: 749-1705

Mark Zimmer: 560-3992

Wallace Ward: 640-9043

Kara Wurtz: 799-0030

Chief Administrative Officer Russ Hawes: 822-5803.

Write a Letter to the Editor

Webster Kirkwood Times

Letters received before Monday at 10:00 am should be published Friday. 

Limit one letter every 6 weeks.

• Phone number and address will NOT appear on our letters.

• Any letters submitted online may be used in our print publication.

• Please limit letters to 300 words.

• Letters may be edited for content or space.

-All letters submitted for publishing must be by Wednesday (or no later than 8 am on Thursday) to be published for the following weeks Friday edition. 

submit a letter via email:

Or go to

Click on mail bag for submission. 

Sample Letter

copy and paste on to your email and personalize. Share YOUR story of why a Complete Streets Ordinance matters to YOU!

I, [Your Name] respectfully call on the City Council of Kirkwood, MO to enact a Complete Streets Ordinance to include each of the following 10 elements:

#1) Vision and intent: Includes an equitable vision for how and why the community wants to complete its streets. Specifies need to create complete, connected, network and specifies at least four modes, two of which must be biking or walking.

#2) Diverse users: Benefits all users equitably, particularly vulnerable users and the most underinvested and underserved Streets.

#3) Commitment in all projects and phases: Applies to new, retrofit/reconstruction, maintenance, and ongoing projects.

#4) Clear, accountable expectations: Makes any exceptions specific and sets a clear procedure that requires high-level approval and public notice prior to exceptions being granted.

#5) Jurisdiction: Requires interagency coordination between government departments and partner agencies on Complete Streets.

#6) Design: Directs the use of the latest and best design criteria and guidelines and sets a time frame for their implementation.

#7) Land use and context sensitivity: Considers the surrounding community’s current and expected land use and transportation needs.

#8) Performance measures: Establishes performance standards that are specific, equitable, and available to the public.

#9) Project selection criteria: Provides specific criteria to encourage funding prioritization for Complete Streets implementation.

#10) Implementation steps: Includes specific next steps for implementation of the Ordnance.

#10-a) Complete Streets Ordinances requires collaborative planning, including education to a constituency, selecting projects that address Kirkwood’s comprehensive planning goals, ultimately funding and maintaining these projects. 

#10-b) Educational goal of training administration, staff, City Council, Planning & Zoning, Parks Board and by a qualified consultant, with documented experience in Street Design Best Practices, having implemented said proven Street Design Best Practices in Cities, via a Complete Streets Ordnance. Facilitate through the NACTO ( National Association of City Transportation Officials) membership.


[Your Name]


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